So, most of you know that your facebook can be viewed/monitored by employers. But I know a girl who got fired a few weeks ago because her boss used her email from her application TO FIND HER TUMBLR - where she had said some not nice things about her boss, job and coworkers.

And after some discussion, a worker who over heard the conversation for a Staffing Company confessed that they use your email to find you on several social networking sites (Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook being the first ones they check) and that they recommend it to employers as well.


You can prevent this on Tumblr by deselecting the “let people look me up by this address” box. It also helps to never tag your name, or have your full name on your blog if it’s also searchable by search engines. 

It was just brought to my attention to post this because if your out on your blog, but not IRL, your employer could potentially out you to your coworkers, friends or family. Plus I also think it’s a huge violation of privacy, since some of these blogs are outlets from your everyday life. So protect yourself fellow bloggers :)

I let that box stay checked because is an old email that I use only for unofficial things that are never attached to my legal name

(Eli is my middle name, and in the real world, I am forced to use my first name. :x)

But for those who were not aware, this is important information

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    This is why I have my Facebook on private, and I don’t talk about my job on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.
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    This is why you always have an account reserved for business-related stuff and a separate personal account for private...
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