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I’m loving all of these so much

me too. trying to make my new laptop feel like home -.-

i miss my strawberry background, but that’s been long gone since the most recent tumblr update

and that’s what the ghostie looks like on the pink~

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Third aesthetic on the new laptop:

complete theme

Second aesthetic on the new laptop:

1. theme

2. ghost home

First aesthetic on the new laptop:

1. theme

2. queen logo

3. castle home

4. lovlies followers (pick from dropdown)

5. activity bar


Thank you for following me big bro! <3 I love you <3


guys, this is my baby seester~ you should follow her!

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Anonymous said:

Hi ! I'm sorry to disturb you but I need an advice. Which are good topics if I want to use dark humor ?

Umm. Nothing? Dark usually means joking about things that generally upset people. Like body horror, suicide, genocide, etc.

So. I can’t really help you out there? Maybe joking about the state of our government/politics? That’s looking very bleak, soooo

Followers, want to help out?

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Guys, just because it’s out of the mainstream media doesn’t mean that the problems are gone. We gotta keep giving attention to these issues

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its so hard to date once youve become socially aware like it really limits who you can stomach letting touch you and once ur eyes are opened they cant go shut again

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So, i read this awful article using bathroom “scare tactics,” which was claiming that trans women are potential rapists. “Men” who dress as women to gain access to women only spaces and force them self on women. This really upset me and i had a bit of a Twitter rant. They were read by others and i was urged to post them in other media also, so i am posting them here. (Edited together in easy reading format from top to bottom.)

This is the link in the first tweet about how there are no cases of a trans woman attacking a cis woman in public restrooms: Link 1.

This is the link in the second tweet about the cases where trans people are assaulted in the bathroom by cis people: Link 2.

if you’re cis and you follow me i’m gonna need you to reblog this

don’t care if you’re cis or trans, this is important.

My baby sister started a new tumblr, I gave her a list of people to follow, and I have her linked on my blog description, go make her feel loved and stuff, her url is fabulousfati!




truth tea spilled

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For all you gross cop apologists + people who haven’t been keeping up:

  1. Autopsy showed no sign of struggle. Also, the autopsy showed the bullet wounds on the inside of his arm which means that his arms had to be up.
  2. The picture of the CT scan that’s being passed around to show that Wilson had an orbital blowout fracture is actually from 2008 from the University of Iowa.
  3. Video shows Brown paying at the store.
  4. The only eyewitness who supported the police’s story is fake.
  5. Actual eyewitness accounts of what happened.

Yeah. There was absolutely no reason to kill Michael Brown. What happened was murder, plain and simple.

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